Education for each child

The Careduca Foundation is committed to promoting the education of children at home and abroad.


The Careduca Foundation was established in 2018, with its statutory seat in Bilthoven, the Netherlands. The Foundation aims to advance the education of children locally and internationally. The basis for the Foundation’s formation is the vision that good education always creates improved chances in life, and the conviction that each child has a right to education. It is therefore Careduca’s goal to provide as many young people as possible with the opportunity to have a good and healthy future. The focus of the Foundation will be on children from countries who, due to poverty or conflict, are denied access to, or are lacking schooling.

Policy and Statutes

The Careduca Foundation has a policy for 2018-2022, which outlines:

  • the purpose and target groups of the Foundation;
  • the activities of the Foundation;
  • the raising, management and application of its financial means;
  • governance and compensation policy;
  • budget and accountability


The Foundation wishes to minimalize its operational costs. For this reason the Foundation does not employ permanent staff and is unable to respond to telephone requests. The Foundation does, however, operate a website and is available via e-mail. Requests to the Foundation need to be submitted by e-mail.

The Careduca Foundation is at all times interested in new projects. Each request will first be read and assessed by volunteers appointed by the Foundation in order to determine if the project fits the objective/goal and vision of the Foundation. The Board of the Foundation meets 4x per year to review selected requests for funding and to grant donations.

Name: Stichting Careduca Foundation
Address: Rembrandtlaan 17-17, 3723 BG Bilthoven
RSIN/Fiscal number: 859080845
KvK (Chamber of Commerce) number: 72349263

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